About Us

Let’s Get Africa Communicating Better, Together..

We have grown steadily to be a major partner for significant numbers of MNOs, government and telecommunications companies in Africa. Our aim is simply to use our infrastructure, experience and technology to help Africa communicate better, irrespective of class or location. Won’t you rather leverage our strategic alliances with key technology partners to help you deliver value to your clients?

Our Mission

To be a leading driver in the building of a fully digitally connected Africa?

Our Vision

To transform and significantly improve the quality of life in Africa, through the deployment of technology solutions.

Optimize your business today!

Having built, managed and developed a significant number of cellular towers and fibre optic infrastructures for various Mobile Network Operator and Original Equipment Manufacturers, Infratel continues to make strides in implementing rapid rural telephony development. With over 500 sites in 8 African countries, won’t you rather optimize your business with those that can? Won’t you rather grow with Infratel Africa?


Why Industry Leaders Choose Us?

At Infratel, we’re more than the sum of our product offerings; we’re a service partner you can trust to help you isolate and implement the best solutions for your unique business challenges



Nimble & Agile.

Our lack of bureaucracy and flat company structure makes us agile enough to deliver results and get ideas to market at a speed that will delight yo

Insightful & Experienced.

Our years of industrial experience and dynamism highlight us as the technology partners that can harness your team’s vision and innovations and link it to applicable strategy.

In-House Expertise

We have full confidence in our in-house talent pool. We put the best hands in the industry to work to make sure your client challenges get optimum skilled attention.

Ready and Organized

We have wonderful workers who dedicate themselves solely for the development of africa and its ICT projects