Being our marquee service deliverable, TowerCo service includes:

1. Colocation Services

2. Build Services

3. MS Operations

4. Maintaining telephony infrastructure

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Enterprise Services

1. Fibre Optics and network solutions

2. VSAT/MW Solutions

3. Enterprise Information security solution

4. FibreCo solution

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Launched in 2019 to provide practical, alternative power support to Teleco sites, PowerCo offers:

1. Solar power solutions

2. Hybrid power solutions


4. Street lighting

5. Mini/Nano grid

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Rural Transformation

1. e-Finance

2. e-Agriculture

3. e-Learning

4. e-Health

5. e-Gaming

6. Smart Wi-fi

7. Rural telephony infrastructure

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Smart Wifi

Welcome to the world of Smart WiFi by Infratel Africa, where connectivity knows no boundaries. Our mission is simple: to bring the internet's transformative power to rural communities. With Smart WiFi, villagers in even the most remote areas can access reliable, lightning-fast internet connection. Say goodbye to the frustration of limited connectivity and hello to a world of possibilities. Education takes a giant leap forward with Smart WiFi. Students can tap into a wealth of educational resources, connect with teachers and peers, and embrace e-learning platforms. We believe quality education should be accessible to all, regardless of location. But it doesn't stop there.

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Nimble & Agile.

Our lack of bureaucracy and flat company structure makes us agile enough to deliver results and get ideas to market at a speed that will delight yo

Insightful & Experienced.

Our years of industrial experience and dynamism highlight us as the technology partners that can harness your team’s vision and innovations and link it to applicable strategy.

In-House Expertise

We have full confidence in our in-house talent pool. We put the best hands in the industry to work to make sure your client challenges get optimum skilled attention.

Ready and Organized

We have wonderful workers who dedicate themselves solely for the development of africa and its ICT projects