Power Solutions

Infratel offers best-in-class power solutions through our strategic partnerships. We provide smaller, cost-efficient batteries to power sites. Our battery’s lifecycle optimization and proactive maintenance techniques ensure longer life, with Plug-&-Play pre-packaged. Our Remote support further guarantees successful installation and troubleshooting.

Why Power Co Solutions

Uptime Reliability​

    Manage energy consumption, load prioritization and emergency ride through. Upgrade as traffic and the associated revenue grows, deferring construction and capital project costs, matching investment to revenue​

Energy & Weather Forecasting​

    Historical & site system data (including aging, degradation, dust), 5-day weather forecast, yields energy forecast for uptime management with scheduled service windows (2 am)

Smart Management & Control​

    A fully integrated power distribution unit allows for power and control restarts of individual loads remotely, Infratel provides a modular path that minimizes initial capital investment .

Life Cycle Management​

    Dynamic Charging Patent, scalable battery plant, even with lithium and support for multiple batteries, using lead-acid, lithium-ion, or NiMH batteries​​

Smart Load​

    Smart Load energy control and communications monitoring / correlating traffic with power consumption, allowing site efficiency and effectiveness to be measured

Potential Energy

    Measuring potential energy as different from actual energy generated/consumed for forwarding planning and growth, System degradation analysis (dust, shading)​

Infratel Africa connects Mobile Network
Operators, amongst others under a
cooperative model, hence we can get
Africa communicating more, doing more,
growing more and unifying more.