Secure and Scalable Critical IT Infrastructure

Infratel provides colocation services that ensure your data security. It also grants you free, on-demand access to the scalability of your critical IT infrastructure. We are sturdy foundations you can expand your business on to service a global market, delivering exceptional customer experience. For all your digital growth ambitions, our colocation services provide the confidence and control you require to succeed



    Designed to ensure mission-critical data is always secure and available​


    Access an ecosystem that powers your business through simple and open platforms

Flexible & Efficient

    Manage your IT environment in real-time. Cut cost and time spent on data centre .

Secure, and Flexible Managed Services

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, whether taking your first steps or miles in the journey, our experts are available to make sure you have a smooth journey.

Cloud Services​​

    Infratel delivers dedicated, managed cloud services across our entire portfolio. With a choice of cloud deployment models and a full range of services, you can rapidly and safely transition to the cloud—and operate at maximum efficiency.​​

Security Services

    Our expertise in vulnerability management, database security, identity and access management, and compliance solutions helps us protect your cloud applications and sensitive data while helping you meet compliance requirements.

App Services​

    Accelerate the development of your innovative applications while maintaining complete control of your data and system. This service provides best application management and administration for workloads deployed on our server​